Prevent Rust. First of all, avoid it by spending the money you need to buy roofing sheets that do not rust. If you have a metal roof or any roof with lots of metallic materials on it, take the following measures for preventing roof rust:

Keep the Roof Clean

One of the most important steps to keeping your roof rust free is to keep it dry. This is because moisture accelerates rusting. You are probably wondering what this has to do with keeping the roof clean. Well, debris will keep your roof perpetually moist by not only attracting moisture but also preventing the roof from drying up. For example, in windy parts of Nigeria, leaves, grass and dust get blown onto the roof by the winds. If this is not cleaned, debris formed begins to trap water and causes rusting.

Prevent Rust
                   Corrugated roofs in Ibadan houses, a trademark of the ancient Nigerian city


Ensure Proper Drainage

Poor roof drainage can also cause rust formation on the roof by keeping it continuously wet. This is particularly a problem with flat roofs where drainage cannot be left in the hands of gravity. The drainage system should ensure that water doesn’t stand on the roof but rolls off as soon as possible.

Prevent Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can also lead to rust formation, especially inside the roof structure. In fact, this is probably the worst place rust can attack your roof because it will be hidden from view, and it can fester even for years without you knowing anything about it. As you know, rust weakens metal, which means corrosion inside the roof’s structure can weaken your roof and lead to its premature demise.

Treat the Roof

There are different ways of treating the roof to reduce its susceptibility to rust;

– Painting

Rust occurs when the roof is exposed to oxygen, and water accelerates the process. Coat the roof with paint so that the paint covers the metal surface and prevents it from coming into contact with water and air.

– Galvanize the Roofing Material

Galvanization is the process of coating metal with zinc. It will protect against the agents of rust, water and air. Even if rusting has to occur, it will attack the zinc first before the metal it is protecting. There are galvanized roofing materials that you just install without further preparation.

If you already have lots of rust on the roof, then you need to have it inspected because rust can cause serious damage to the roof. Chat with us via Contact to find a roofing specialist, especially if you are near Akwa Ibom.

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