Keyword: How to Get C of O! Firstly, all land belongs to the Nigerian Government according to the Consitution. That means that every Nigerian is a tenant of the Nigerian Government. Even if you bought a property for 1 Billion Naira, it still belongs to the Government.

Map of Nigeria
Map of Nigeria

The Chagoury brothers, the Nigerian-born Lebanese billionaires bought bar beach in Lagos and turned it to an artificial peninsula called Eko Atlantic. The land still belongs to the Nigerian Government and not to them. That is, you acquire useless water front, turn into a mega city that will employ 250,000 Nigerians and boost the local economy; still the land does not belong to you. That is the implication of the Nigerian constitution on land ownership.

Just imagine you buy 500 sqm from Eko Atlantic, which is at least 360M (2015 data) if it is NOT by a road. Since Eko Atlantic is still within Nigeria, your 360M land belongs to the Federal Government.

‘Occupancy’, not ‘Ownership’

What the C of O implies is that the Government has given you that piece of land to occupy. Note that it is not to own, but to occupy. It is called Certificate of Occupancy, not of ownership. Usually, the duration is for 99 years. After this duration, you are expected to reapply. The constraint is in the fact that only the State Governor of your state signs the C of O.

Nigeria’s Governors

In Akwa Ibom State, for example, Governor Victor Attah did sign a good number of C of Os. His successor, Senator Godswill Akpabio signed less than 100 in his 8 years of governance. The present Governor has prioritized signing for Foreign Direct Investments. This means that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of applications awaiting his signature.

Probably due to their busy schedules, the state governors hardly endorse C of Os. A second explanation is not far from the policy thrust of each governor. In Lagos State and the FCT, Real Estate development is big business. In those cities along with Ogun State, the private sector is encouraged to drive the sector. This makes the Governors prioritize the issuance of C of Os more than is done in other states.

Lagos is so advanced in this regard that they have initiated an electronic C of O acquisition process.

How To Get C of O in Lagos


How to get C of O in Lagos
What C of O in Lagos looks like

To obtain Certificate of Occupancy in Lagos, the following documents are required:

  • Land information certificate
  • Receipt for land information fee
  • Receipt for application form
  • Publication/inspection fee
  • Capital contribution (calculated based on size and location of land)
  • Land purchase receipt/agreement (duly stamped)
  • Copy of current tax clearance certificate (individuals)
  • Copy of N100 development levy receipt
  • Site location sketch
  • Four passport photographs of applicant with white background
  • Copy of approved building plan (if developed)
  • Copy of tenement rate receipt (if occupied) or Land Use Charge
  • Cover letter addressed to the Executive Secretary, Land Use Allocation Committee (LUAC), stating all documents attached, as above and typed with applicant’s address

To learn about the complete process of applying for the C of O and the specific fees, check the Side Brief website. Click here;



Follow these stages to apply for C of O in Akwa Ibom State.

Stage 1

– Stamp duties, 3% of consideration

– Sealing of document

– Postage stamp

– Administrative charge

Stage 2

– Submission of Registered power of Attorney(P of A), 4 copies
– Submission of 2 original survey plans
– 1 original certificate of deposit
– 2 passports of donor and donee
– Application to the Honourable commissioner of Land and Water resources

Stage 3

– Consent form
– 3 years current tax clearance

For complete information on this, please click here. Or contact us via Whatsapp (+2348027675065). If you will want us to apply for you, please contact. We charge a very little fee for a comprehensive report. It will be specifically for your C of O application.

How to get C of O in Abuja
Abuja Masterplan, Photobucket (credit)
How To Obtain C of O in Abuja

Below is the process in steps for obtaining C of O in Abuja. It is similar to that of Lagos, but there are differences.

Stage 1
  • Purchase a from from the Land Use Allocation commission (LUAC). You may also obtain a hard copy from the Ministry, (Land Use and Allocation Section) or any of its field offices in any other State.
  • Fill and submit the application pack to the LUAC and collect an acknowledgement slip as evidence of payment.
  • Complete the application form (hard copy or online) and return same accompanied with the following;

(i) Your root of title to the subject parcel of land
(ii) Your survey plan (3 copies required)
(iii) Your tax clearance certificate (covering the past 3 years) or evidence of being domiciled abroad where applicable;
(iv) passport photographs (3 copies required)
(v) official receipt for application fees.
(vi) Advert fees on the Nigerian Observer in the sum of twelve thousand naira (payable directly to the Land Use and Allocation Unit of the Ministry, and
(vii) Your cell phone contact and e-mails where needed.

Stage 2
  • Advertise your application (in batches) on the Nigerian Observer. This is to give room for objections (if any) to your being granted the C of O.
  • Collect letter of offer of allocation
  • If no objection is received within 21 days statutory waiting period, your application will be processed by the relevant arms of the Ministry.
Stage 3
  • Pay for the Allocated land in the period of not less than 90 days.
  • On payment of the prescribed fees in your Certificate of Occupancy, your documents will be prepared and forwarded to the Minister for FCT to sign.
  • After the Minister has signed, it will be sent for stamp duties endorsement.

At this point, your C of O is almost ready. For a comprehensive process, please click here 

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