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Are you looking to buy a property in Akwa Ibom State? 

Welcome to Akwa Ibom Estates.

Usually, we encourage buyers to come find property within estates because they are organized and require minimal effort to acquire. But where you desire property outside organized estates, we have excellent offers for you. 

On our website and social media timelines, you will find buildings, vacant land, townhouses, flats, vacant land from Akwa Ibom State. 

Specifically, you can get the following on our website akwaibomestates.com:

  • Find the perfect property in any major estate, city, town in Akwa Ibom
  • Browse photo galleries of our various property that you’re interested in
  • View available property on Google map
  • Contact us directly via Whatsapp or get our phone number to call us with
  • Get Real Estate gist, news, articles via our blog
  • Submit your property for us to sell

How We Work

You will get property with us hassle-free and this is a creed for us. Emphatically, we pride ourselves in attention to due diligence. To guarantee this, we field a team of professionals mainly in Real Estate development, Marketing and Law.

For some estates and property, we go as far as design a cost-friendly payment module. This is why you will find some installment billing offers on our website.

Borrodins Property Developers and Investment (BPDI) Limited owns and manages the Akwa Ibom Estates brand and assets.

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