10 Hectares RoadSide Land at OsongAma Ext. (VIDEO)

Property Type: Lands

Listing: 10 Hectares RoadSide Land at OsongAma Extension
Both the NDDC and the Akwa Ibom State Government are building roads in and around Osong Ama. This makes land in this area available for sale more these days.



  • Location – Ifa Ikot Okpon
  • Documents – Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)
  • Neighbourhood – Osong Ama Estate, Nellyani Homes
  • Amenities – Electricity from the national grid, Road under construction
  • Size: 10 hectares
  • Access: Motorable road, but under construction
  • Cost: N180M, Asking price

If you need a large property for a school, a residential estate, an industrial estate, a
large farm, this property is very suitable. It is largely flat land, fertile and dry. You can also see it sits beside a road that is under construction, together with its drainage system.

It is in the area popularly known as Osong Ama Estate extension, since the area continues to expand.


Meanwhile, the State Government built road passing through this area is a broad 8-lane road called Ring Road 3. It connects Nwaniba road with Idoro road accross Oron road and Aka road. The Goodluck Jonathan boulevard where the Godswill Akpabio International airport is on, is part of this Ring Road 3.
This road is what goes through the Osong Ama neighbourhood, traversing what is known as Ifa Ikot Okpon on its way coming from Nwaniba.

About C of Os

The Certificate of Occupancy is the most authoritative property title that a real estate owner can get in Nigeria. It is the most recognized and the hardest to acquire. It is
endorsed by the State Governor of the state where the property is located. To learn more on How to acquire C of Os in Akwa Ibom, please click.

It is the most difficult thing to find a large property as this one that has a CofO. This must explain why the cost – although it is relatively lower cost than similar property in
other locations.

Keyword: 10 Hectares RoadSide Land at OsongAma Extension

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