3 bedroom bungalow in OsongAma

Property Type: Houses

Listing: 3 bedroom bungalow in OsongAma for sale! This part of Uyo is a choice neighbourhood. The property has been finished tastefully and placed on sale. Read on and go through the pictures. Call us for more information and inspection.

It is gated, fenced with a large space around the building. Also, all rooms are ensuite. Osong Ama has been increasing rapidly in recent years. The Ring road 3 project that passes through the area has opened up adjoining areas which are now for sale. Because of these developments, cost of property in OsongAma are rising.

Additionally, demand for property in OsongAma is on the rise. More people are moving in to Akwa Ibom. And they prefer areas with better supply of power, light, roads – like Osong Ama.

In Uyo, most elites live in Shelter Afrique, Ewet Housing or OsongAma estates. Public social amenities to these neighbourhoods are therefore consistent. If you read that Akwa Ibom has improved electricity supply, these areas have it best.

While other parts of the city are just great to live in, these estates are a notch better. Cost of property in them is higher as well.

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Cost: 60M
Quality: all roooms ensuite
Size: 2000sqm land
Perimeter: fenced, gated
tastefully finished
parking space
Safe, secure area

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