5 Hectares at Idoro with CofO (VIDEO)

Property Type: Lands

Listing: 5 Hectares at Idoro Road with CofO

If you want large expanse of land that has Certificate of Occupancy in Uyo, this property is a great offer. The value of its documents influenced the price, but comparatively, you will love it. Watch video of the location and the environment below;


Documents: C of O, Survey plan
Cost: N180M, Asking price
Landmark: Mobile Police Base
Access: Motorable but not tarred
Size: 4.83Hectares
Use: Residential, Industrial, Commercial


The land is flat as you can see in the video. This makes it perfect for housing estate in a region as ours, great for farming, perfect for a corporate business premises. It is not likely to flood or require sand-filling. That in itself is a major attraction to investing citizens.
In terms of security, where else is great for safety than where the Nigerian Mobile Police have their base. Criminals will avoid this area in their own interest.

The property is accessible through multiple roads, one of which is Idoro road.

About Idoro Road

At both ends of Idoro road are flyovers. Literally, there are 3 flyovers flying over this wide road. 2 of these are in use while one is under construction. Summarily, a lot of development is moving towards Idoro in recent years.

About C of Os

The Certificate of Occupancy is the most authoritative property title that a real estate owner can get in Nigeria. It is the most recognized and the hardest to acquire. It is endorsed by the State Governor of the state where the property is located.
To learn more on How to acquire C of Os in Nigeria, please click here.

It is the most difficult thing to find a large property as this one that has a CofO. This must explain why the cost – although it is relatively lower cost than similar property in other locations.

Keywords: 5 Hectares at Idoro Road with CofO

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