500Sqm off Aka Etinan for 1.5M, With Installment

Property Type: Lands

Listing: 500Sqm off Aka Etinan for 1.5M, With Installment

You know Aka Etinan, right? That’s where the State Police headquarters is. It terminates at the broad Goodluck Jonathan super-boulevard, continuing towards Etinan, Onna and Rivers State. Come and buy land off this Aka Etinan road at 1.5M, payable for up to 10 months.

This is from an estate at the Aka Etinan area called Mbiokporo. It has been selling since 2016. Back then, each plot sold for N500,000. Right now it sells at N1.2M for some and N1.5M for the choice ones. This listing focusses on the N1.5M offer.


500Sqm off Aka Etinan
Estate Gate during construction
500Sqm off Aka Etinan
Prototype house

Location – Mbiokporo, Aka Etinan road
Documents – Power of Attorney, Deed of Contract, Layout
Neighbourhood – Peaceful neighbours, GA Int’l Stadium (10mins drive), State Police HQtrs (8mins)
Amenities – The estate is offering good internal roads, the buyers will decide whether to have central power and water or not but a transformer is expected soon.
Size: Each plot is about 500sqm
Access: Each plot is given motorable access
Cost: 1.5M Naira for these plots


The gate of the estate is ready and so many people have bought up hundreds of plots. Some the earlier buyers have even begun to construct on their plots. Because of activities in the estate, the surrounding areas are getting built up fast.

For such a large expanse of land belonging to the estate, many of the remaining plots are deep inside, while some are a bit closer to the main gate for your comfort as a buyer. Naturally, the deeper ones are cheaper than the costlier ones. We are selling the 1.5M plots this time, not the cheaper ones. And, if you know how much serviced plots sell in Uyo, 1.5M is not too high.

Earlier buyers at the Estate’s stakeholders Meetup

Please note that although there is a prototype building, you are not bound by any restrictions to what style of building you can erect here. You will however ensure to follow the Uyo Capital City Development Authority standards in building.


You can pay this 1.5M in installment, for up to 10 months. The initial deposit will be at least N500,000 paid in your first month. It can be negotiated actually, but why not pay up the entire thing at once?


If you are paying in installment, after dropping your first deposit, you get a Deed of Contract. When you complete payment, you get your Power of Attorney, registered in court before being handed over to you. And then the estate will fix a date for you to be allotted your plot of land. This will be the case even if you are paying outright too.

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