Building at Aka Road for immediate purchase

Property Type: Houses

Listing: Building at Aka Road

Nung Oku is one of the most decent and secure areas in  Uyo. It is home to the largest Brewing Company in Akwa-Ibom State-Champion Breweries. Over the years, the area has grown increasingly busy and is now one of the top commerce centers in the city. It is also a great area for residency and social activities. It also has a good drainage system and there is improved supply of electricity. This area has markets, companies, businesses and modern residential buildings. It is also home to notable individuals in the state.

The future looks bright for this place as investors are trooping in to explore the locality. In 2020, more lands and buildings are being bought and sold out compared to previous years. This oppurtunity may not linger around for too long so we enjoin you to make a move now!

  • Type: Building
  • Details: Six 3-bedroom apartments in the building
  • Land size: 2500 sqm
  • Location: Aka road, Nung Oku area
  • Access: Dual carriageway
  • Cost: 80M Naira
  • Documents: Survey


This building at Aka Road has six 3-bedroom-apartments, all in good condition. You need not worry about water supply because there is a borehole and GP tanks in the compound. The plumbing fixtures in the home are in great shape. The kitchen and bathroom are made with quality materials. Also, the rooms are neat and do not need a lot of improvement. This building is a great pick for a residential building. We strongly recommend that you use this building solely for that.

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