Buy Land Nwaniba Road in Uyo

This particular one is a distress Sale!!! Buy Land Along Nwaniba road in Uyo, Nigeria, close to Coscharis and Kia Motors, 3 minutes drive from University of Uyo permanent site entrance. In the neighbourhood are also NigerPet, Victory Farms and Atlantic FM. Ibom Hotel and Golf resort, one of Africa’s poster hotels is also few minutes down the road.

(Youtube video shows satellite video of area)

This is a distress sale as the owner needs money for a family emergency. The property is on a prime location,
right on the popular and dualized Nwaniba road. He is offering all 4388 square meters, but you can buy a portion of it and, depending on how much you are offering, you can pay up in installment.

buy land Nwaniba
Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort, 10 mins away

Discuss location, price, availability and how to pay with +2348027675065 via
call or whatsapp. You can also discuss how to buy other land on Nwaniba road at other locations with us like the Estate 500sqm we are selling near Uyo Club and 1000 Units near Idu; Click here. Each plot of 500 square meters here sells for 3.3 Million Naira. We have more than four hectares up for sale at this location sizing each unit at 500 square meters. You can pay in installment for up to 24 months.


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