Clean Bungalow at Akpasak Estate for Sale

Property Type: Houses

Listing: Clean Bungalow at Akpasak Estate for Sale at 30M

Akpasak Estate is one of those neighbourhoods that formed itself. The community around it just started selling their land to incoming residents and gave it the name. Situated at the urban section of Oron road, this one is very suitable for residences. But businesses that sell household products and services can also own property here. If you’d love to own a neat bungalow in this area, read on below.


Documents: Survey Plan

Location: Akpasak Estate

Condition: Clean Apartment, but not brand new.

Land size:  1900sqm

Cost: N30,OOO,OOO but negotiable.


This luxurious and move-in-ready home is situated in the family-friendly Akpasak neighbourhood. This house will stun you with its modern layout and interior finishing. As seen in the photo above, the building features include:

  • Well painted walls that are tiled in some sections creating a state-of-the-art wall design.
  • Tiled floors that are in perfect harmony with the colours of the wall.
  • Aluminum framed casement and sliding windows.
  • A shade cover attached to the veranda, also a perfect spot to relax after an active day.

The building is in a family-friendly environment; a great place for singles and couples. The surroundings are serene and peaceful. You are few minutes from Oron road, with the Government currently opening new roads in these residential parts. These are however not enough; request a tour today. Call us now…

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