Distress Sale – Land at Ekpri Nsukkara for Sale

Property Type: Lands

Listing: Distress sale – land at Ekpri Nsukkara for sale off Nwaniba road in Uyo! As you can see in the video below, Ekpri Nsukara is fast expanding. New residents are moving in and land is rising in cost. To own property here at less than 5M naira per plot, please read on for details.



Condition: Ready to sell; owners in distress

Size: 500sqm

Location: Ekpri Nsukkara, off Nwaniba road

Use: Residential, commercial, mixed

Accessibility: Motorable

Cost: N3,000,000 starting

About the Neighbourhood

This part of Ekpri Nsukara is largely residential. One might estimate that more than 90% of houses are are homes. The listed property is accessed through the Ekpri Nsukara road which has been tarred to a point. There are plans by the regional development commission to extend the road project further down. This, of course, will increase price of land higher.

Ekpri Nsukara is accessible through Nwaniba road, just after Anua. In Anua is the popular St. Luke’s Hospital, a Catholic run medical facility that serves the entire city along with others. There is a gas dispensing facility, a fuel station, churches, a market and more in this area.

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Keywords: Distress Sale – Land at Ekpri Nsukkara for sale

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