Duplex in Eket For Sale, Find Out More

Property Type: Houses

We are listing this 5-bedroom duplex in Eket for sale at 100M. This is a luxury home on a large parcel of flat land not far from the Atlantic. Talk to us now, to buy.

  • It is a 2-floor duplex with 2 mini parlors,
  • a library, massive porch on both floors.
  • There is also a store,
  • dinning area,
  • walk-in closet in the masters bedroom, what have you.
  • It is also wired for solar and inverter installation, with 4 different distribution panels.
  • There is a Boys quarters also.

The entire structure sits on more than 4 plots of land all landscaped into wonderful scenery.

Why Get This Place
  • You can keep it as a hideaway home. When you want to go into ghost mode, this place is perfect. You have almost everything you need for a quiet stay in Eket.
  • If you want to be closer to the Atlantic Ocean than to crowds, this is it. Eket is neighbouring with Ibeno, few kilometers from the Ocean.
  • Eket is home to Exxon Mobil’s base of operations in Nigeria. While they have facilities in other cities, their staff find Eket near enough for residence. Lease this duplex to them, make some yearly returns.
  • You can repackage this duplex for hospitality.

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