Duplex in Shelter Afrique for sale

Property Type: Houses

Buy this Duplex in Shelter Afrique at great price. It is situated right next to the newly built dualized street in the estate. Also, the owner had built it nearly to completion, to plastering infact.  Fenced and sitting on a 1682 square meter parcel of flat land, this is a duplex in every sense of the word, check out the pictures of the exterior. That is larger than 3 standard plots (500 square meter land).

Asking Price: 90 Million Naira

We invite agents and middlemen to help sell this property for a percentage of the price.

The buyer can use this Shelter Afrique duplex for residence, for a hotel, for guest house, for a lifecamp for expatriates and also as an office complex. There is room enough for erecting more buildings, planting veggies or flowers. You can also grasses within the compound to bring in more oxygen.

About Shelter Afrique

Shelter Afrique is a housing and finance company with investors including AfDB. Their estate in Uyo is one of the city’s elite estates; a mainly residential, but also mixed-use community. Past governors and political leaders of the state have homes here, living in a well protected and undisturbed environment. If you buy land in the Uyo Shelter Afrique estate, you have just acquired property in one of the State’s few most valuable real estate.

For more direction on where to buy land in Shelter Afrique, in Ewet Housing, in any estate in Uyo, and also elsewhere in Akwa Ibom, contact us here.


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