Fenced Plot at Shelter Afrique for Urgent Sale

Property Type: Lands

Listing: Fenced Plot at Shelter Afrique for Urgent Sale!! This is 2500sqm of fenced land in Shelter Afrique up for sale at a giveaway. For those who have always dreamt to live in this elitist neighbourhood, please watch video below and read through.


Use – Residential, Commercial, or mixed use
Size – 2500 sqm approximately
Documents – Survey paper
Condition – Fenced land, also gated
Access – Bare but Averagely motorable
Exact location – Shelter Afrique extension
Amenities – Shared with the main Shelter Afrique
Neighbourhood – Nung Ette, Shelter Afrique Police station, Top elitist homes
Cost – 35M Naira asking price


Demand for land in this area is very high. Nowadays, as more people look for good locations to site their homes at, the well guarded estates are of prime choice. By the time you are reading this, it may already have been sold. This is because most property in and around Shelter Afrique are always highly demanded.
Security – This area is well secured. The elites do not play with their safety – you will benefit from this immensely.

Size – this property is very large. You can fix in 3 cool duplexes if you desire, and would still have ample space for cars.
Already developed – This one has its gate and fence already. Because of this, you are being spared some good cost. You also enjoy privacy for anything you plan to do with the property.

Steady Light – This is Shelter Afrique! You are sure to have 18-20 hours of daily electricity. all things being equal. Besides, you can install a prepaid meter to regulate your own energy costs per month.

Cheap – Given the cost and location, this large property is considered cheap.

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