Flat at Akpasak Estate With for sale (VIDEO)

Property Type: Houses

Listing: Twin 2 bedroom Flat at Akpasak Estate For Sale. Would you like to move into this Oron road neighbourhood? With only 13M naira, this building is yours. Call us now.

Please watch video:

For those who do not already know, Akpasak estate in Ifa is an area that mid-level income earners stumbled upon as affordable. It was not established by the Government, but has now attracted interest from the authorities. It is at Oron road, right after the Shelter Afrique community as you head to ‘new Uyo’ and the Airport.

Oron road is being expanded presently.

The Government is turning the road into a 8-lane super-highway to serve the airport and proposed Deep Seaport at Mbo LGA. What does this mean for Akpasak Estate? More visibility, more development!

Although the building listed has been built to roofing, you can see it is not plastered yet. It has not been finished, hence the price. But it is a block of 2 flats. Each flat is a 2-bedroom apartment all en-suite.

What’s more, this property has important title documents.

Additionally, demand for property in Akpasak is very high. Its residential nature makes it so. Electricity here is better than most areas in Uyo. Its streets are eligible for regional development by NDDC. Expectedly, the area will get more tarred roads than presently.

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Cost: 13M
Quality: all rooms ensuite
Finishing: Not yet
Parking space: 2-3 Cars
Security: safe, secure area
Rooms: all rooms en-suite

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