Former Fast-Food Building For Sale

Listing: Former Fast-Food Building For Sale

Aka Road axis of Uyo is a hive of activity. You have large stores and business centres in this area. Historically it is a great residential area as well as commercial. If you are looking for an area suitable for a large business, this area is a great choice. The likes of De Choice Shopping Mall are establishing a branch on this road. There is one currently being setup by the popular De Choice chain.

Aka Road links Uyo to other cities like Eket and towns like Nung Udoe, Etinan, Onna. It is also one of those roads that touch with Ibom Plaza contributing to the traffic of economic activities on here. There are a good number of banks, pharmacies, retail stores and what have you. It is also close to Udo Umana where you have the Discovery Park and Akpanandem market. This property listed is located on a very important location in Uyo and it is easily accessible.

  • Location: Aka Road, Uyo
  • Type: Building (Duplex)
  • Access: Tarred and dualized road leading to Eket
  • Documents: Please request for viewing
  • Details: Two-storey former fast food building
  • Neighbourhood: Uyo sports stadium, Ibom plaza, Ibom Hall
  • Cost: N180,000,000

This building was used as a fast-food restaurant with a basement. If you buy it, you can host a club in the basement or a VIP dining area while the upper floors continue as a restaurant. Expect high traffic here because of its strategic location and renown.

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