HOT, Land By Uyo Airport for Sale – N600k per plot

Property Type: Lands

Listing: HOT, Land By Uyo Airport for Sale at ridiculous unit price! Property like this one do not come up easily. We have verified the ownership and ascertain it as safe and set for business. Talk to us if you can pick up the entire 1 hectare while it is in the market. Read down for details.



  • Location – Neighbourhood of the Airport, Ndon Ebom
  • Size – 1 hectare (20plots)
  • Documents – Sketch
  • Ownership – Families in the community
  • Cost – N600,000 per plot (Negotiable)
  • Access – Wide tarred airport road

Families in the Ndon Ebom village beside the Akwa Ibom Airport (Victor Attah Int’l airport) are selling this. There is vast land available but we have this 1 hectare to sell on their behalf. It has been measured but not registered at the Ministry of Lands.

The land touches with the perimeter fence of the airport.


The property is suitable for a range of functions. It can be used for large farming, an estate or even an industrial compound. It could also be used even for recreational and hospitality purpose. Our Investor Relations partners Jabborro recommend it for hospitality.

Observe that the Airport road is being expanded and drainage is also being fitted in. Besides, in the future, likely from 2021, the Ibom Deep Seaport will be open.  This particular airport road also leads to the axis of the seaport and industrial park.

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