Hurry, Cheap Shelter Afrique Home For Sale (VIDEO)

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Listing: Affordable Shelter Afrique Home For Sale! You’ve always wanted a property in a Government estate, right? Here’s your chance inside Shelter Afrique. Watch video below, read on for more details.


This 1300sqm compound in Shelter Afrique estate has been put up for sale by its UK based owner. We have the mandate to quickly dispose of it. This is an opportunity for you who has always wanted to own a cool, simple, spacious property suitable for a home.

  • Size – 1322.973sqm
  • Location – Original Shelter Afrique Estate
  • Documents – APICO approvals, Deed of Assignment, Receipts
  • Access – Tarred street
  • Neighbourhood – Calm, Classy, Highbrow, but noiseless
  • Use – Residential, but can be mixed use
  • Amenities – Independent water, Up to 20 hours daily electricity with prepaid meter
  • BQ – 2 bedroom flat with one bedroom ensuite
  • Cost – Starting price of N35,000,000

The compound has 2 buildings in it with ample space for a 3rd. The first building was built by the State Government when they launched Shelter Afrique. The 2nd was built in 2013 as a BQ by the owner for her Nigerian home whenever she visited.

About Shelter Afrique

After Ewet Housing, Shelter Afrique is the State Government’s flagship residential estate with high success. These 2 are the topmost of elitist communities, well secured and serviced in the State Capital. Because it is elitist, all the streets within the original layout are tarred. But then work is also ongoing to tar the extended areas.

Everyone in Uyo who wants security, calm, electricity and rich neighbours would want to live in Shelter Afrique, especially the original layout.

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