Distress!!! Land at Ekom Iman – Hot Location (Video)

Property Type: Lands

Land at Ekom Iman junction is a hot location to buy right now. Will you like to own a neat property at the cheapest price here? Call us now +2348027675065 to pick it up at N4.5M.

Please see Youtube video below:

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Why Ekom Iman Is Hot

– The Udom Emmanuel administration is building a large highway. It is linking Etinan with Uyo through Ekom Iman junction.
– The Ikot Oku Ikono flyover – under construction – is at Ekom Iman junction.
– Ekom Iman junction is the nexus between Idoro road, Etinan-Uyo road, Abak-Uyo roads.
– The Mobile Police base is on Idoro road, not far.
– Beulah Int’l school is at Ekom Iman.
– The newly revived Peacock paints industry is at Ekom Iman too.

Land at Ekom Iman
The Ekom Iman Flyover Under Construction

Why the Property listed is Cheap:

– The family that is selling it acquired it last year customarily. On acquiring it, they did not survey the plot.
– They have a problem and need to raise money quick. This explains why the property in such a location is so cheap. Besides it being in a hot location, it has perimeter fencing.
– Although it is a stone throw from a major trunk way, Idoro road, the street leading beside the property is not tarred.
– Since construction work began at Ekom Iman, land cost has gone up to an average 5M per plot. These are for plots without any form of work done on them.

Size: Locally measured 2 plots.

Document: Irrevocable Power of Attorney (IP of A) prepared by Barrister A. U. George, LLB, BL, ARB.

The IP of A granted the seller the responsibility to survey the land. They did not survey it, however.

Note: Our survey and legal services are available, if you request.

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