Land in Shelter Afrique For Sale

Property Type: Lands

This property is up for sale. Buy all 7 plots of flat land in Shelter Afrique right beside the new, broad dualized crescent. Size is approximately 3090 square meters, and it lies next to a major hotel in the Estate. As you can see in the picture gallery, this land has also never been developed.

Starting price: 65 million


To buy this large expanse of land, you can simply contact us today. Together, we will go to the location for you to visit and inspect.

About Shelter Afrique

Shelter Afrique is a housing and finance company with investors including AfDB. Their estate in Uyo is one of the city’s elite estates; a mainly residential, but also mixed-use community. Past governors and political leaders of the state have homes here, living in a well protected and undisturbed environment. If you buy land in the Uyo Shelter Afrique estate, you have just acquired property in one of the State’s few most valuable real estate.

For more direction on where to buy land in Shelter Afrique, in Ewet Housing, in any estate in Uyo, and elsewhere in Akwa Ibom, contact us here.


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