Land in Uyo on New Stadium Road for Sale

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Listing: Land in Uyo on New Stadium Road for Sale! Buy bare land on one of our most quality roads in Uyo. Call us to come check this out and let’s talk.

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This is about 2000 square meters of bare land. It lies right on the road to the new stadium. Actually, this road is called ‘Goodluck Jonathan’ boulevard. The property is just a stone throw from Idoro road, another major road in the city of Uyo. Although it is on the road, it spans wide off it.

The Godswill Akpabio International stadium is in its neighbourhood. Also in this area is a fuel station, very close. Further down the road from this Idoro-new stadium road axis, you would drive under the Goodluck Jonathan flyover that goes from Uyo to Ekom Iman junction. And then you meet the majestic International stadium in it’s glory before heading towards Aka road.

Godswill Akpabio Stadium
GAI Stadium (

Next you meet Mbierebe junction. At this point, Aka Etinan road crosses the GJ blvd taking you to Etinan and onward to Eket through the East-West road.

  • Location – Goodluck Jonathan boulevard
  • Size – About 2000sqm
  • Accessibility – Right on the tarred road
  • Neighbours – Papbet oil, Idoro road, GAI stadium
  • Cost – 35M Naira

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