Land Near Ekom Iman Flyover Up For Sale

Property Type: Lands

Ekom Iman flyover is currently under construction. This listing presents 605sqm of land near this project site for sale. Cost is 4M Naira only.

We have another property at Ekom Iman selling for 4.5M. Watch Video of the Property here:

Back to the original listing, on foot, it will take 5 minutes to get to the property from the flyover.

What is a flyover? Read here.

In this area, there are 4 dual carriageways meeting at the junction. There is Idoro road, Uyo-Etinan road and Abak road all meeting at Ekom Iman. The flyover is right at the junction.

What Is Happening At Ekom Iman?

Governor Victor Attah built part of Abak road leading to Ekom Iman. The next Governor, Akpabio built Idoro road and took Abak road down to Abak and beyond. The current Governor, Udom Emmanuel is building the Uyo-Etinan highway. The Ekom Iman flyover is also his administration’s project.

Development is moving into this area in a hyper-sense. Because of this, cost of land is on the rise. Furthermore, traffic from the Port Harcourt-Bayelsa axis passes through this point to Cross River and Benue.

Watch video of our other property at Ekom Iman. Click here. 


A buyer of this property can use it to build a residence or resell it. It can also be used for a factory or just leased out.


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