Land With Bungalow Off Ukana Offot For Sale

Property Type: Lands

Listing: Land With Bungalow Off Ukana Offot For Sale

Akpan Akpa Etuk Street is situated off Ukana Offot Street, a major link between two busy commercial roads in Uyo. Ukana Offot is parallel to the more popular IBB avenue, and is one of those streets created to decongest traffic off Aka road and Abak road. As a result, Ukana Offot has gradually transited from being a residential street to a commercial one. The areas around it have mixed use real estate; residential + commercial.

Unlike IBB which has a small section that is depressed and prone to flooding, Ukana Offot does not suffer flooding. It makes transportation between these two roads easy as compared to using the IBB avenue. Because of this attribute,. large traffic from Ukana Offot and the Abak road-Aka road axis ply this road daily, and this makes it very good for business ventures. You can set up a new business or establish a branch of your growing business in this area. It is a very nice place for commercial and residential uses alike. Also, the presence of daily electricity, good road network and good drainage makes it a very comfortable place to situate your home or business in.

The property listed here is around the Federal Girls Science and Technical College, St Patrick School and Crunchies axis. It is more or less situated in the centre of Uyo city.  Property in areas such as this one is very hot is Akwa Ibom State because of the need for a good and conducive living and business environment.  Waste no time in acquiring this property, contact us now to make it yours!

  • Location: Akpan Akpa Etuk Street, off Ukana Offot street, Uyo
  • Size: 600 sqm
  • Type: Building
  • Access: Close to Tarred road
  • Details: Bungalow
  • Neighbourhood: Federal Girls and Technical College
  • Cost: N20,000,000 (20M) – Asking Price

As seen in the pictures, this property is a bungalow situated in a large compound. It contains quite a number of rooms and it is fenced all around. There is enough space in the compound to erect a commercial or residential building on. Also, if you are dissatisfied with the structure of the land, you can demolish it and erect a new structure that suits your preference. Borehole, GP tank stand and nearness to a tarred busy road are some of the hot features of this property. You do not need to worry about invasion of your property as it is not only fenced but has a  gate for added security and privacy. Since this area is getting hot in the real estate market every day, this property might not hang around for too long.

Property like this does not last in the market. Hurry now and schedule a tour with us.

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