Large Bare Land At Shelter Afrique For Sale

Listing: Large Bare Land At Shelter Afrique For Sale

Did you know you can get property at classy Shelter Afrique at a cost that’s not over-valued? This is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Nigeria. Did you know this? Yes, in the entire Nigeria, you will not find many such places as habitable, as calm, as planned as Shelter Afrique. Residents are from Akwa Ibom and other states and nationalities. Here at Shelter Afrique Uyo, they all live together as neighbours.

We recently posted on our social media channels how many property we have for sale in this estate. Truth is, this place is selling hot. Just as some are selling, many are buying. Do we really need to tell you about Shelter Afrique? You probably had known of this place.

Okay, so land is scarce right inside the estate. But since it is expanding, you can always find some bare land in the extension –  at high cost too. But, right inside, you will be fortunate to find any bare plot at reasonable price. You know what? Watch the video below and then whatsapp us let’s show you to this place.

  • Document: Call us for details…
  • Location: Shelter Afrique, Uyo
  • Type: Bare Land
  • Size: 1,672.83 sqm
  • Access: Tarred streets, not far off
  • Neighbourhood: 15 mins to airport
  • Amenities: Pipe borne Water, Ample electricity, Waste management
  • Cost: N32,000,000 Asking Price

As you can see in the pictures, this property is a very large bungalow. It is about 1672.83 square metres in size which is approx 18006.19 square feet. Because of its size and location, this land is very fit for commercial use. Businesses such as malls, supermarkets, hotels, resorts or even schools will thrive here and this land is large enough to contain these businesses. Also, because of it is arable, this land can also be used for agricultural purposes. Waste no time in failing our numbers to schedule an inspection of this property with us.

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