Buy Residential Estate Near Int’l Stadium in Uyo

Property Type: Lands

Listing: Buy Residential Estate Near Int’l Stadium in Uyo at Aka Etinan, 1.3M Naira per plot selling hot this month

We have written on this estate earlier but it is getting more exciting than before. Also, on popular demand, we are capturing comprehensive info about this awesome property in a new post. Below is a video showing you the environment and the view from the air. Enjoy

  • Location: Aka Etinan
  • Price: 1.3M for regular plots, 2.5M for premium plots
  • Nature – Planned gated (strictly) residential community
  • Documents – Power of Attorney(POA), Estate document – Global C of D
  • Neighbourhood – 1 min from Jehovah’s Witness campground; 5 mins from Military compound; 8 minutes drive from GA Int’l Stadium; 15 minutes from Plaza; 10 minutes from Champion breweries.
Fresh: A prime Plot up for sale at 2.2M, near Commercial/Green area
  1. The estate will not allow non-residential buildings here.
  2. Pollution – air, noise, water – all prohibited here.
  3. You can build any style and design, just stay within the Uyo City Development authority’s recommendations.
  4. Acquiring C of O is fully between you the resident and the State Government. But the estate will issue you all documents you need to accompany your application for the C of O.
  5. After acquiring your plot(s), you will be required to survey your allotment before applying for anything related to your property.
  6. If you are paying in instalment, the Estate gives you a Deed of Contract and receipt when you pay your initial deposit (N400,000). When you have paid up, you get your POA and receipts. Then when you are allotted, you other docs.
  7. The residents (subscribers) will belong in a stakeholders’ forum. Decisions regarding the estate are taken here.
  8. You can buy to resell. The estate prefers those who buy to reside in, however.
  9. The Estate Physical allots plots periodically. Before it is done, usually, management would pay for clearing sections of the estate that have been paid for.

Due to high costs of clearing, the estate usually holds off clearance till a number of subscribers have paid enough to bring in the bulldozers for their part of the estate. This is why allotment has to be scheduled periodically. This means that you could complete payment and have to wait for a short time till next allotment. The estate gives Subscribers prompt updates approaching physical allotments however – no need to fret.

More on Payment

Outright payment – N1,300,000 per plot, all costs inclusive, no extra fees after. However, the estate will require you to pay a devt fee of N100,000 for bungalows and N150,000 for duplex.

500 sqm

  • Outright payment – N1,300,000 all inclusive payment
  • Instalment payment (6months) – N1,380,000 per plot, all costs inclusive, Initial deposit at N335,000.
  • Instalment payment (12 months) – N1,580,000 per plot, all costs inclusive, initial deposit at N400,000.

650 sqm

  • Outright payment – N2,000,000 all inclusive payment
  • Instalment payment (6months) – N2,200,000 per plot, all costs inclusive, Initial deposit at N600,000.
  • Instalment payment (12 months) – N2,300,000 per plot, all costs inclusive, initial deposit at N600,000.

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