Shelter Afrique Bungalow For Sale

Property Type: Houses

Listing: Shelter Afrique 6 Room Bungalow For Sale! Shelter Afrique is a choice area of Uyo. Every amenity for comfortable life is present here. Check this property out if you would love to own property in Shelter Afrique.

This property listed is a 6-bedroom bungalow in a large compound. It is fenced and gated and all rooms are self-sufficient.

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As at time of writing this, there is extreme scarcity of buildings for sale in Shelter Afrique. This is despite expectations in the property sale industry. It seems buyers have been swooping in to make their picks.

Shelter Afrique Bungalow For Sale

In Uyo, most elites live in Shelter Afrique, Ewet Housing or Osong Ama estates. Public social amenities to these neighbourhoods are therefore consistent. If you read that Akwa Ibom has improved electricity supply, these areas has it best.

While other parts of the city are just great to live in, these estates are a notch better. Cost of property in them is higher as well.

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  • Building Type – Bungalow
  • Number of bedrooms – 6 bedrooms, all ensuite
  • Location: Shelter Afrique
  • Access: Great
  • Neighbourhood: Largely Residential
  • Cost: 45M

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