Bungalow in Shelter Afrique for sale

Property Type: Houses

We have this bungalow in Shelter Afrique listed for sale, which the State Government built years ago for private users.

Asking Price: 25 Million Naira

This particular bungalow in Shelter Afrique is 3-bedroom apartment all en-suite, which implies that the rooms all have their bathrooms and toilets. Size of land is 1100+ square meters, which is more than 2 standard plots. Fenced round, the gate may require some fixing.

A buyer can remodel this Shelter Afrique bungalow into a choice property for rent in the estate considering the high demand for property here.

About Shelter Afrique

Shelter Afrique is a housing finance company with investors including AfDB. Their estate in Uyo is one of the city’s elite residential, but also mixed-use community. The high and mighty have homes here. They live in a well protected, but undisturbed environment. If you buy land in Shelter Afrique estate, you have acquired one of our few most valuable real estate.

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